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Children's Rights

In recent years, we have been troubled by government attacks on our traditional family values by those who suggest that social values come before family's rights and values and are seeking to impose on America a Socialist system of government where authority is taken from parents and given to government.

First let me say No one has the right to be offended by someone exercising their inalienable rights they are endowed with by God. Children have the same rights including but not limited to:

Common Core

In a word, Common Core violates the Tenth Amendment and the restrictions place on the Federal government by the Constitution of the United States. they do not have the power to impose on the states conditions to receive their fair share of educational funding.

common core takes the rights of the parents over their childs education and cedes control to the Federal government and international groups such as the united nations and the bilderberg group among others.

common core, buy virtue of the fact that it sets national standards, sets limits on the education our children receive. and may affect those who desire their children receive a religious school education and those who desire to home school.

Some of the material used to teach is political indoctrination and propaganda which we know to be lies.

Backers say common core is designed to build a competent, competitive workforce providing them with a basic education. when, instead of workers, we should be educating Entrepreneurs, instead of factory labors Engineers and Scientists, instead of worker bees Artisans, Scholars, and Dreamers.

It is our duty to protect our children, to teach them moral values, and to educate them so they can stand toe to toe with the largest corporations, most powerful Industrialists, or the most corrupt Politicians.