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Paul Cook & Tuyet

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Government Corruption

Not in his 64 years has he seen so much Political corruption. Democrat party politicians taking contributions and bribes from foreign Billionaires intent on stripping Americans of their inalienable rights and imposing Socialism on America. Attacks on freedom of religion and our christian way of life, the stripping away of our right to bear arms to defend our families, our land, our nation against enemies foreign and domestic, saying Federal law is the supreme law of the land when it is The Constitution of the United States of America that stands supreme under Heaven, even above treaties.

Other crimes include the intimidation of U.S. military for their political beliefs, the establishment of a state religion by placing the will of Atheist over and above the rights of Christians, violations of the Ricoh Statute, aiding and abetting the enemy, Sedition by political parties, using the IRS to intimidate political opposition, the use of the IRS to suppress public opinion, the use of government power for political purposes, the use of govenment employed psychiatrists by FBI and NSA to violate the rights to due process, imprison, intimidate, and discredit those who stand up for the rights of Americans including war heros, the bribery and intimidation of U.S. Congressmen, fake investigations by FBI, refusal to prosecute valid and just cases brought by congress in defiance of the Constitution and their oath of office, the imposing of the Socialist/Communist concept of social justice in violation of the Constitution, the use of treaties with enemies of America to violate the inalienable rights of Americans and the Constitution of the United States of America, the most free nation on earth.

Paul Cook is a strict Constitutionalist and Conservative just right of the Tea Party. He will work to protect our inalienable rights, defending our rights as parents, sevicemen, and Americans. He will work to bring to justice all corrupt politicians including elected and appointed officials, employees of the government and political parties. He supports a states' convention to amend the United States Constitution but not a federal convention.

What America needs are high crimes laws that hold all government officials including elected, appointed, and goverment employees both criminally and financially acountable for violations of inalienable rights or the Constitution of the United States that would be inforced with equal authority by both federal and state. The laws would include mandatory investigation with criminal charges for refusal or failure to properly investigate, mandatory prosecution with criminal charges for refusing to properly prosecute, mandatory minimum sentencing at forced hard labor, no plea bargains, no suspended sentences, no probation, no pardons, sentences would be served in a state maximum security prison.