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Gun Rights - The Citizenry databases can be used by Americans for other purposes other than Voter rights protection. It can be used as a gun rights validation, not the registration of guns, with the addition of 2 fields, gun rights (yes/no), it is always yes except if person is a convicted felon or by reason of mental defect, and must be stated which mental defect. The approved mental defects must be vetted by independent medical and mental health boards acting in the interest of the American people, not governement and approved by both the Federal government and 100% of all state governments to be valid for the purpose of withholding the right to bear arms.The rights of a felon who committed a non-gun crime will be automatically restore 5 years after he has served his time. The rights of a felon who committed a gun crime would be automatically restored 8 years after he serves his time.
An American citizen would simply walk into a store that sells guns, choose his weapon or pickup all the ammo he wants and scan his finger print. his picture, name, and gun right status shows on the venders screen and if valid he makes his purchase and leaves. The Federal government withholding funding or any other action to force the states to vote against the will and interest of its citizens would be a high crime punishable by 5 years in a maximum security state prison.
Job Economics - In an economy that is not based on a gold standard, the work force becomes the standard and for the individual, education is what gives individuals greater value. I will work hard to see that the people of Shelby county can receive the most advanced educations and opportunities to learn everything. I will work to bring industry to shelby county and to help entrepreneurs build industries. I will work to eliminate barriers to entry that stiffle economic growth and prevent small business from competing with large corporations.
Obamacare & Commoncore - Obamacare, the affordable care act, and Commoncore are more than just bad law. they strip away the rights of the American people insisting you must give up rights to be protected. Obamacare restricts Freedom of Religion by inference. It infers that government has authority over Religion, especially Christianity, by requiring that Religious institutions must apply for exemption. Commoncore dumbs down the education of our children, denying them their right to the best most advanced education conceivable. It strips parents of their right to set school policy and to vet and approve/disapprove the school curriculum. Commoncore seeks to politically indoctrinateor children, teaches revisionist heterodox American history and in some case plain lies. It also teaches immorality and maybe used to say religious moral teachings are hate speach. -click Obamacare/Commoncore for more information.
Life - Science has proven that Life begins at conception. It is time for the law to catch up.
Term Limits for Representatives and Senators - I am for term limits. The desire for power corrupts therefore it has become necessary to impose term limits on Congress. I believe that fair and reasonable term limits would be 2 terms, 12 years total, for the Senate and 6 terms, 12 years total, for the House of Representatives. no politician may server more than 12 years total. Congressman is not a career but an office of service to the American people.
Balanced Budget - With a 17 Trillion dollar Deficit and growing, it is important we require a balanced budget without cutting into our national defense, the primary duty of the federal government. There needs to be a balanced budget even if we need to cut all foreign aid to countries and money going to United Nations.
America's Internet - The Internet was given to the American people. It is not held by government but by the public. It is a powerful source for freedom and has empowered the American people to advance freedom, build online businesses, advance free speach and to control an ever corrupt political system. We, the people not the government, have been exceptional stewarts and have shared this freedom with the world. If it is turned over to the United Nations that freedom will end for billions of people and take that voice from them. Even the free speach of Americans will be deminished if not taken. I will not stop. I will not rest until our Freedoms are secure.

Corruption of Blood - is that the descendants of someone is as guilty and responsible as the parent who is guilty. Such as, If dead parents owed money then the children are guilty and must pay it back. Its not Constitutional.


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