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Rights of Parents

It is beyond disturbing when our political party system uses proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child", to justify the Socialist dogma that children belong to the state, that Traditional parents and family are outdated concepts, and that in their elitist mentality, parents are neither deserving nor capable of caring for their children.

There is a reason public schools are called public schools and not government schools. It is the parents of the children and the local community that has Constitutional authority over the school that serves them and not the government. It is the parents that have the power to set the policy of the school system and not the government. It is the parents who have the Constitutional authority to vet and approve/disapprove the school curriculum.

The Federal government has not authority over education at all. The Federal government has the duty and obligation to provide funding without obligatory conditions placed on the funding or regard to Religious status, to ensure equal opportunity to learning, education, all truth and knowledge that God sees fit to bestow on mankind, without political indoctrination, revisionist heterodox American history, misleading course material.

The means by which mortal life is created is divinely appointed. The Family is ordained of God. By devine design, it is the parents duty and sacred responsibility to raise their children, not the government's.

The many other rights of parents include but are not limited to are:

Parental rights are absolute. There is no compelling government interest nor does the federal government have the authority to legislate parental rights. They have an obligatory duty to prevent government interference in the rights of Americans and punish those in government who do so.