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Paul Cook & Tuyet

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Edward Paul Cook (born October 15, 1951 in Watervalley Mississippi) comes from a family of American Patriots going back to before the founding of America who pioneered the SouthWest territory and helped build Tennessee. His Democratic party roots go back to the founding of the Democratic-Republican party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to counter the Federalist party who sought power not granted the Federal government and disfrancised the American people and the sovereign states. He now stands as a Constitutionalist and Conservative.

Paul Cook moved to Memphis Tennessee when he was 5 years old and attended Roselle elementary and Treadwell schools.

when a Democratic Congress committed treason costing the lives of 500 American Service men in Lam Son 719, Paul Cook joined the USMC (December 1971 - March 1982) to serve and defend America, the country he loves. As a United States Congressman he will continue to preserve, protect, and defend the inalienable rights which all Americans are endowed with by God and no power under Heaven has power or authority to amend, restrict or deny each individual, The Constitution of the United States which stands as protector of those rights, and the sovereignty of the states that serve the American people against enemies both foreign and domestic including Socialism, corrupt political parties, and foreign institutions who seek to strip Americans of our inalienable rights, destroy American exceptionalism, and impose upon us their unjust will depriving us of all our creator has given us.

Paul Cook was trained in Law Enforcement at the Mississippi State Highway Patrol Academy in Pearl Mississippi. He received a degree at Southwest Community College in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information System from The University of Memphis. After 40 years of research, He is an authority in Genealogy, History, Political and party propaganda tactics.

Paul Cook has suffered many of the same problems facing all Americans today. he has lived on less than $10,000.00/year. he has had to make the choice between paying the electric bill to have hot water or buying food to eat. He has been a single parent. He has lost family to Alcohol and drugs. He has lived in places with rats as big as cats. He has been a victim of crime and the police refuse to do a report. He has reported crimes and the police refuse to act. He has been threatened by a police officer with a gun when he spoke out to responding officers who were berating a victim of auto theft instead of getting the description out and their supervisor refused to take action. He has had the IRS abuse their power and it took a U.S. Congressman to stop them. He has lived on food stamps and in his past, has been without work for almost a year. He knows how you suffer. He knows what works and what does not.

Not in his 64 years has he seen so much Political corruption. Democrat party politicians taking contributions and bribes from foreign Billionaires intent on stripping Americans of their inalienable rights and imposing Socialism on America. Attacks on freedom of religion and our christian way of life, the stripping away of our right to bear arms to defend our families, our land, our nation against enemies foreign and domestic, saying Federal law is the supreme law of the land when it is The Constitution of the United States of America that stands supreme under Heaven, even above treaties. Other crimes include the intimidation of U.S. military for their political beliefs, violations of the Ricoh Statute, aiding and abetting the enemy, using the IRS to intimidate political opposition, the use of the IRS to suppress public opinion, the use of government power for political purposes. Paul Cook is a strict Constitutionalist and Conservative just right of the Tea Party. He will work to protect our inalienable rights, defending our rights as parents, sevicemen, and Americans. He will work to bring to justice all corrupt politicians including elected and appointed officials, employees of the government and political parties. He supports a states' convention to amend the United States Constitution but not a federal convention.

He suppports States' sovereignty. Political parties have no Constitutional standing. He supports the outlawing of political parties all together and the institution of an incorruptable condidate vetting process in each state with no parties, no campaign contribution where parties have no power and the elected answer directly to the people.