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Socialism, Enemy of Liberty, Antithesis of American exceptionalism
and our American Democratic-Republic

Socialism, including but not limited to Communism, Nazism, Progressivism (another name for Communism), Marxism, and Fascism are the enemies of American Liberty ( unalienable rights), The Constitution of the United States, and American exceptionalism. It is essentially a feudal system of goverment ruled over by Elitist such as a Socialist party. It is the anti-thesis of our American Republican government.

Paul Cook is an expert in counter Socialist-propaganda, political-sabotage, and Socialist-perversion of our American government. Social Justice is the call of every Socialist movement in the world, Bolsheviks, Stalin, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, and the Democratic party. His wife suffered under Socialism in her country. Freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom from government imposed Health care, right to bear arms, right to due process, right to the truth and complete and pure education, ceased to exist and are replaced with a nationalized government controlled imitations. Under Socialism what the government giveth the government can taketh away.

Socialism uses various tools to undermined the Constitution of the United States and our unalienable rights. Some of them include but are not limited to stripping our sovereign States of their authority under the Constitution and nationalizing as much as possible, restricting the practice of religion, disarming the American People, weakening our national defense, restricting and controlling the press, undermining due process by using policy and regulation that violates the Constitution, creating a national defense force to control the American people, and dumbing down education under the pretext of equal education to create essentially a feudal work force, creating national debt to distroy the national wealth of the country,creating class warfare (race against race, man against woman, American against American) to weaken the unity and common purpose of all Americans.

Our political party system is essentually controlled by Billionaires. Most Billionaires who control and watch over the Republican party made their wealth in oil and American industry and have an internal conflict of cronyism and crony capitalism. Billionaires who control the Democratic party are mostly Internationalist and Socialist such as the Bilderberg group who seek to establish a socialist government under their control.

There are 2 choices Americans can choose from to protect their Unalienable rights that so many have given their life for.
Political parties have no Constitutional standing. Political parties  disfranchise the American people and undermined the American people's authority over our government. The States and the citizens of those states have the authority to outlaw the political party system completely and establish an uncorruptable candidate vetting system where there is no party donations, and no PAC. The candidates would be given equal funding, and equal condidate coverage. TV/Radio stations would be require to provide coverage as a community service. Candidates, advertising agencies, stations, CEOs and board members would be held criminally and financially accountable to tell the whole truth to Americans.
The other process would require Constitutional amendments including but not limited to repeal of the 17 amendment, an amendment establishing a bill vetting system that prevents secrecy, requires bills to be vetted against the Constitution to determine if the Congress has authority to write and vote on the law or if any of the clauses of the law violate the Constitution, that every clause of the law is associated with the or original purpose of the law and that there are no deceptive clauses in the law such as gun control in a healthcare bill, an amendment that prevents Congress from requiring states to comply with Federal regulations where the federal government has no Constitutional authority, a high crimes amendment that gives states authority to write and enforce law that apply only to elected, appointed, and employed persons of the government and not to be used against the American citizenry which would includes minimum jail time in a state maximum security prison with mandatory prosecution, mandatory minimum sentencing (5 years), no plea bargain, no suspended sentence, for writing, enacting or enforcing law that violates unalienable rights, The states authority, and even against teachers and principals who violate the unalienable rights of students and their parents or teach contrary to truth.