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Tax Reform

The Democratic party has been using the power of the IRS to intimidate the American public, to force American's to comply with laws that are unconstitutional, to undermine our Religious institutions and our religious freedom, to disfranchise Americans from exercising their inalienable right with which our Creator has endowed us, to undermine and intimidate conservative organizations who man the watch towers of freedom and stand vigilant protecting our rights from corrupt government.

Therefore, I propose a flat income tax, not a sales tax because the billions of dollars in income held by billionaires and millionaires would never get taxed and the tax burdon would fall on the lower income Americans. This Tax law would replace all existing tax law and the powers of the IRS.

The only tax that the Federal government can levy against an American citizen or permanent resident is a income tax and only that amount which is necessary for the operation of the federal government

It is the duty of every person living and working in America to pay their fair share of tax for the government to operate.

The IRS would no longer have any legislative authority to make policy or income tax laws or regulations. that authority would rest with the house sence it is the house who sets the budget. No treaty can or will override this or any other federal law.

Because it is the duty of the American government to preserve, protect and defend the inalienable rights of Americans under our Constitution, a tything exemption of 10% of their gross international income shall be given to all individual tax payers.

The income tax will be a percent(%) of the gross international income less than 1 billion dollars and 2X percentage tax rate for gross international incomes 1 billion dollars and greater. (ex: 10% X 100 million and 20% X 2 billion). If it is salary, investment income, inheritance, etc does not matter.

It is Repugnant to the Constitution to make law that violates the Constitution. ... In order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its power, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added...
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion
Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion
Therefore Institutions including but not limited to Churches, religious universities and colleges, religious schools, religious daycares, religious charities are exempt from all taxation, IRS audits, and control.

Non-profit organizations who man the watch towers of freedom and stand vigilant to preserve,protect, and defend our individual inalienable rights everyone is indowed with by our Creator from corrupt government and provide information to the American people concerning government and our elected officials including but not limited to the national rifle association, American Family Association, American Center for Law and Justice are automatically exempt from taxes. For clarification inalienable rights are always indiviual rights and not group rights. Every individual is endowed with all inalienable rights by our Creator. It is a high crime for elected, appointed or employees of the government to use the power of their office to intimidate American citizens or the above mentioned organizations. The sentence is a minimum of 2 years in a maximum security prison with manditory procecution. Charitable organizations such as United Way, American Cancer are also tax exempt.

Organizations who seek to pervert, misrepresent individual inalienable rights or mislead the American people or undermine our American Constitution or our Democratic-Republic including but not limited to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Council on American Islamic Relations, Muslim Brotherhood, and American Civil Liberties Union will not receive tax exempt status and must pay taxes.

whistleblowers, who have evidence of wrong doing by the elected, appointed or employed of the government, are protected from all prosecution including non-diclosure violations and a reward of 100,000.00 tax free.