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Military & Veterans Rights

In my life time including my 10 years of military service for my country, I have never seen 1 soldier murdered on a military base. Under Obama there has been several masacres of Military soldiers on bases because of Democratic party policies to unarm the military.

The military being indoctrinated that war heroes coming back from Afghanistan are terrorist, that organizations like the American Family Association are hate groups and terrorist is subversion.

The Democratic party has made an objective of denying American Soldiers their unalienable rights to vote by disfranchising them, their right to participate in the election process and by unlawfully using the uniform code of military justice to intimidate and punish them for having and expressing different views, even when they are off duty, than the socialist who want to silents them.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common anxiety disorder amoung our returning military war veterans. There is far to little being done to help our military heroes after return from combat. I intend to do more. I intend to stop the corruption of our military.

If I am elected, I will move to defend and protect those in the Military who exercise their enalienable Rights including Freedom of Religion and bring those to justice who would persecute them.