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Voter Rights Protection

The Right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State

35,750 voters IDs from North Carolina alone were used by Democrats to commit voter fraud during the 2012 elections. Any Politician who endorses voter fraud or any other form of govermental or political malfeasance should be removed from office and prosecuted for complicity and subversion to the full extent of the law. Voter fraud, programmer code manipulation, theft of voter cards, fraudulent voter registration, complicity of political parties disfranchising American voters by participation in voter fraud and refusing to stop it. I will not tolerate Chicago style mafia politics in America.

The best thing is to create a National Citizenry database managed by the states. A second separate database of non-citizens would be created with the same data plus visa status. These databases will cantain the ID# of the government employee who entered the original record in the database, the ID# of the last employee to make a change to the database, the full name of the individual of record, a high-def digital photo, a digital and photo records of their finger prints, and a full DNA analysis report.

Require all forms of ID to have the individuals photo imbeded/printed in the card and digital finger prints in the magstrip, including but not limited to, driver's license, state IDs, credit cards, union IDs, and student IDs.

All American citizens will have read access to the entirety of both databases. Individuals could check their records and validate it and submit corrections through strictly controled secure processes.

A digital camera and digital finger print reader would be used at the voter verification table to take voters picture and finger prints. the system will access the databases and pull down the photo and verify the digital finger print against the database to verify his identity. if he is not the person he says he is he would be immediately taken into custody and charged with voter fraud and rights violations. the minimum sentence would be 5 years in a maximum security prison without parole. The names, photos and digital finger prints of voters would be entered into a third database for an election, such as senate race or Presidential race, to be accessed by other states to see if a person, who is a resident of one state, is voting in 2 or more states.

The programs and voting machines and other records will be treated as if they are evidence in a crime and the programs used in the election process will be examined an independent, impartial computer forensic firm not associated with political parties and over seen by state criminal investigators. all transfers of materials will require a signature and clear thumb print of each person.

The databases can be used by Americans for other purposes also. It can be used for but not limited to Genealogy research, proof of parenthood, compatible donor search such as bone marrow, rape prevention, child molestation prevention, worker eligability varification, credit card fraud prevention.

Political parties have no Constitutional standing and in point of fact disfranchise American citizens of their right to representation, placing the desire for power of a few Billionaires over the rights of the American people.The States, tomorrow, could outlaw the political party system in their respective states and establish an incorruptable secure candidate vetting system where candidates recieve the same amount of money for their campaign, and the same amount of TV/Radio air time. there would be no contributions to individual campaigns, no PACs. Political parties would not be allowed to put forth candidates or particapate even during Presidential elections. advertising agencies, and TV/Radio/News papers would be criminally and finacially liable for lying to, misleading, or withholding truth from its state's citizens. Broadcast CEOs, lawyers, and Board members would be held criminally and financially liable if they had anything to do with withholding election information from citizens. the candidates could be required to attend a series of debates.